Prague Poker
Prague Poker                 The Official Poker Room Of The Czech Poker Federation Prague Poker
Prague Poker
Prague Poker
      Member of American Chamber Of Commerce

      Poker Room:
      Adress: Parizska 20, Prague 1, Czech Republic
      Phone: +420 XXX XXX XXX

      Open daily from 8 pm

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Prague Poker
-Texas Hold`em Limit 50/100 CZK (which is like 2/4 USD) and/or 100/200 CZK (4/8 USD)
-Texas Hold`em Limit 200/400 CZK (8/16 USD) and/or 400/800 (16/32 USD)
-Texas Hold`em Pot Limit or No Limit
-Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Card Stud, any limits - upon request of a group of players

-Beer, coke, water, mineral water, apple juice, orange juice, tea, coffee - free for all in any amount
-We can call you a taxi
-We can order you tasty food from local pizzeria at very good prices (about 120 CZK or 5 USD) + free delivery
-200 TV channels - music, sports and more..

-Free entry
-No minimum buy-in (but we are ready to recommend you reasonable buy-in according to the game you wish to play)
-Player may leave a table at any moment without prior notice
-Check and raise is allowed
-Only 1 player per hand
-No string bets

Poker School:
Poker school is held on thursdays - from 8pm to 12pm. You get intensive 1 hour poker lesson for free and 3 hours of game of your choice at a private table ( beginners only). Sign up in advance at +420 XXX XXX XXX (YYYYY) or at (XXXXX). (Please tell us the date which is good for you and how many people you represent)

Private Tables:
If you wish to play poker just with your friend(s), you can have a private table at no extra fee. You may adjust the rules and limits by yourself.

- professional english speaking staff, with lots of experience from poker rooms and casinos in California and Nevada.
- expats and visitors mainly from USA, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and many other countries
- informal atmosphere, any dress allowed

XXXXX, manager and chairman of the Czech Poker Federation:
Phone: +420 XXX XXX XXX
YYYYY, manager
Phone: +420 XXX XXX XXX

Prague Poker
Prague Poker